Our Blacksmith Shop

Pioneer Forge    PF 2

side blast    other forge

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After a near-miss tornado in early March, 2012, David Hurst generously donated the blacksmith tools that had been in his family for generations. They were used first by AJ Hall and then by his son-in-law Denis Hurst in their blacksmith shop in Pekin, IN.  Read more of their story here.  This generous gift was the impetus for this project.  Many of the tools found in Pioneer Forge, including the side-blast forge, which AJ Hall built in 1910, come from the Hurst collection.  Thank you to Dale Sorber for leading this project.

   Hurst shop    Forge


Many thanks to RushShelby Energy Operation Roundup for a grant of $2,000.00 towards building Pioneer Forge.


We are grateful to Steve and Greg Smith of Rush County for donating this building to use as the framework for Pioneer Forge. Taken down May, 2014. Reconstructed that summer.

Smith buidling     


      Smith frame

 Boomie   Rebuilt

A tip of the hat in appreciation to Bob Maple of Red Forge, Inc. in Morris, IN, who designed, fabricated, and donated our sign.

Red Forge

New Point Stone also donated some tools to our club, including the hardies, tongs, and headers shown below. Thank you!

hardies    tongs    headers

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