Heritage Tool Works

Heritage Tool Works was created to be a working lineshaft-driven machine shop housing many pieces of vintage metal working equipment.  Dale Sorber managed this project, and he and the entire club thank all those who have donated time, talent, and treasure to it. Thanks go out as well to RushShelby Energy Operation Round-up for a grant of $6,000.00 for this project. Improvements and additions are ongoing. At the bottom of this page you can see a fundraising project we have in place for HTW.

Niles Tool Works Vertical Boring Mill Extension Project

Building HTW


Paul Rosfeld, Jim Westerman, Mark Dieckmann, Brian Vaughn, Bryan Johnson (Paul Sailor and David Coon behind tree) set the forms for the foundation - 5/15/2010


Raver Ready Mix pours the concrete and Flaspohler Concrete finishes the floor. Paul Rosfeld and Paul Sailor also in picture - 5/20/2010

Framing - Duane Applegate, Paul Sailor, Jim Westerman, Ed Scheele, Donald Coon, Mark Dieckmann, Brian Vaughn in photo, but many others helped as well on Memorial Day weekend, 2010.

Roofing - Paul Rosfeld, Paul Sailor, Bryan Johnson, Donny Barnes, Ed Scheele, Jim Westerman and many others on 4th of July weekend, 2010. A rainy June slowed our progress a bit.

Getting the sheet metal up on the roof - Dale Sorber, Bryan Johnson, Duane Applegate, Brian Vaughn

The first load of machinery arrives via Ray Vaughn's truck 7/25/2010

Equipment inside

Getting the planer donated by Mark Schuller inside the building after our show 8/9/2010

Battens and windows 9/6/2010

West end (sit-n-spit)

Split sliding doors constructed and hung 10/23/10

Machinery - shaper, mill, drill press, and both lathes operational  5/22/11

Allis Chalmers WC Power Unit ready to run equipment 7/16/2011

Inside the "sit-n-spit" 7/16/2011

HTW South    HTW N

HTW West

Memorial Benches

These benches have concrete legs with a treated lumber seat and backrest with engraving in the backrest. These are solid as it gets and long-lasting. The cost is $300.00, and we build and place it for you.  Include the name of the person you want engraved on the bench. Email cpabooking@gmail.com for more information.

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