Covered Bridge

The Pioneer Engineers Club moved the A.M. Kennedy Covered Bridge in Homer, IN to Caldwell Pioneer Acres.  A picture of it in its current state is below.  This bridge was built in the 1881 by Archibald M. Kennedy and Sons over Mud Creek.  It is the only covered bridge in Rush County that does not have the burr arch structure.  It uses a king post design and is 65 feet long.  In 1892 it was swept off its foundation in a flood and was used as a barn until we moved it.  It now spans from the sawmill to the tractor display area at CPA and allows pedestrians a new and more efficient travel route on our grounds.  Picture on the left shows the state of the bridge when work began in May of 2009, and the one on the right shows how it looked in August of 2010. Marc Houston led this project, and he and the club are thankful for all those who contributed in any way.


From this...                                                                                        to this!

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5/16/09 - Marc Houston, Tracy Porter, and David Coon clearing the ravine where the bridge will be placed (pictures by Dale Sorber).

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5/30/09 - Working on dismantling the bridge: Marc Houston, Tracy Porter, Dale Sorber, Chris Shepard, Paul Rosfeld, and Lydia Porter

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6/6/09-6/8/09 - Site preparation for footers and footers poured: Marc Houston, Tracy Porter, Chris Shepard, Donald Coon (pictures by Dale Sorber)

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6/21/09 and 6/26/09 - Working on the piers 

Pictures below courtesy of Michele Houston  



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