The Pioneer Engineers Club of Rushville, Indiana

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 Are you interested in collecting and restoring old farm equipment like steam engines, tractors, or hit & miss gas engines?  If so, the Pioneer Engineers Club is comprised of people like yourself  who enjoy bringing their families and their machines to our reunion and other festivals like ours around the nation to celebrate and appreciate bygone days on the farm.

    The Pioneer Engineers Club is a family-oriented, non-profit organization based in Rushville, Indiana, that has been in existence for over 60 years.  Our goal is to build on the skills and talents of our members so that we can educate and entertain the public as we preserve the heritage of rural life.

    Every year in early August, we hold a reunion for all of those interested in celebrating our rural past.  We usually have over 30 steam engines, 300 tractors, and 100 gas engines at our show in a given year.  You will also see an assortment of old trucks, cars, and other tools and implements.  There are many flea market vendors, as well as food vendors and various craftsmen.  We are one of the oldest clubs of our kind in the nation!

 Our grounds are called Caldwell Pioneer Acres in honor of Luther Caldwell who was pivotal in the genesis of our club. Tremendous thanks go out to his descendents for their generous donation to our fundraising drive. Our property consists of 67 acres located about 4 miles southwest of Rushville. Because of this donation we were able to purchase this land, construct roads, and build our meeting hall, sawmill, and barn.  We were able to make the most of this donation thanks to all of those who generously donated their time and skills and equipment to make our vision a reality.

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